From Connected Shoe Racks to Open-Concept Eyewear Pop-Ups

 - Nov 8, 2016
From digital walls that recreate runway views to minimalist racks that descend from the ceiling, it is clear that retailers are putting a great deal of effort into rethinking traditional clothing displays.

One of the most interesting ways that retailers have been making their clothing and accessories stand out is through the use of technology. Indeed, the rise of online shopping has placed a great deal of pressure on stores to merge physical and digital worlds. Some examples of how stores are using technology to display their wears include the full-size screens inside the House of adidas's store that show models wearing each piece, the Scala Lift and Learn Wall that reveals each shoe's specs and Tyrers' social media integrated clothing rack that reveals each garment's online popularity.

However, some retailers are rejecting the move towards high-tech clothing displays by taking a more minimalist approach. For instance, the the Oiselle flagship in Seattle features suspended clothing racks that can be lifted up to the ceiling to create a more spacious shopping area. Similarly, all of the clothing racks in the Descente Blanc store in Fukuoka are elevated above the heads of consumers to facilitate movement.