This Footwear Pop-Up Shop Uses a Variety of Materials

 - May 11, 2015
This footwear pop-up shop in Copenhagen is a chic upscale retail experience elevated by champagne and romantic lighting. The Pieces pop-up was designed by Riis Retail and is a lovely display of the brand's selection of accessories and shoes. The Pieces pop-up is located on Copenhagen's busy shopping street Vimmelskaftet.

Taking inspiration from the industrial storage boxes that line a portion of the store, the space features pastels hues and raw materials that add to the simplistic, rustic feel. Plywood cabinets and tables serve as the perfect semi-permanent solution to infrastructure while sticking to the feel of the footwear pop-up shop overall.

Pieces is a Danish accessories and footwear line that includes stunning jewelry, lingerie, makeup and bags.