From In-Flight Musical Meal Pairing to Multi-Sensory Food Labs

 - Apr 5, 2016
From sensorial dining events enhanced with sound and light to cocktails complemented by a particularly type of wood fire, there are many options for consumers looking to indulge in something resembling theses multi-sensory dining ideas.

New York City's Royalton Hotel has a unique fireplace program that sees a variety of premium food and beverage items paired with various types of wood-burning fires. The experience is marked by the guidance from Brooklyn-based wood sommelier Ted Whitehead, who picks from different types of wood in order to provide a complementary scent.

Separately, Cadbury Dairy Milk recently collaborated with the London Contemporary Orchestra to present 'The Sound of Flavourites,' an immersive event that featured a performance tailored to the experience of snacking on one of the chocolate bars.