Gaggenau's Bistro 1683 Celebrates the Brand's History

To celebrate its 333rd anniversary, the German home appliance brand Gaggenau created a high-end dining experience called 'Bistro 1683.' By combining the brand's penchant for luxury styling with regional cuisine, the event helped Gaggenau celebrate its long history.

Bistro 1683 was a temporary restaurant experience held in Austin, Texas, on May 3rd and 4th, 2017. The event was described as "a regional culinary experience inspired by the brand's rich heritage." It was hosted by Michelin star Chef Bryce Shuman, who used the brand's kitchen appliances to prepare each dish. Like a similar event hosted by the brand in New York City, the restaurant was set up to replicate "the sounds, sights and feel of the Black Forest" in an intimate setting.

The multisensory dining experience ultimately helped the brand tell the story of its heritage to consumers while underscoring its reputation as a high-end appliance manufacturer.