From Automated Meal Appliances to Virtual Reality Arcades

 - Jan 14, 2018
From holistic body health wearables to mini social media cameras, the 2018 tech trends demonstrate that new technology continues to change the way we live and play.

When it comes to living our best lives, technology is making it easier than ever to ensure we are in tip top shape. For instance, health trackers such as the Opter Pose help us track our basic body functions to give us a more accurate read of our overall health. Similarly, there are a number of wearables such as the ALEX+ posture-correcting tool that work in real time to cure common ailments.

Of course, not all technology is designed to improve our physical health. As the top 2018 tech trends demonstrate, new devices and programs are also helping to improve the way we connect socially. Some examples include Snapchat Spectacles and the Tbh app.