The Volterman Smart Wallet Comes Equipped with a Hidden Camera

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: theverge & newatlas
The Volterman smart wallet comes equipped with a high-tech feature to protect your wallet from the greedy hands of thieves.

Attempting to find a lost wallet is an exhaustive and typically redundant ordeal as a thief can anonymously slip into the crowd with your most prized possessions discreetly concealed in their pocket. The Volterman is paired with a smartphone camera to capture real time criminals as they riffle through your belongings. Simply placing your wallet in 'lost mode' through its paired app prompts the camera to begin recording. If someone opens your wallet, images will be captured and sent to your smartphone, including GPS coordinates of where the wallet is located.

Cardless payments are beginning to render the wallet useless, prompting innovations like the Volterman smart wallet to equip itself with cutting-edge technology to stay relevant.