From Modernized Flip Phones to Anonymous Truth-Telling Apps

 - Jan 20, 2018
Mobile trends in 2017 have seen a resurgence of retro styles and designs, as well as apps that are becoming increasingly personalized.

With the acceleration of technology and innovation has come the counterintuitive emergence of retro designs in smartphones. Examples include Nokia's re-release of its 3310 cell phone, the conceptual 'Mindfulness' phone that offers a "no-frills" approach to design, and the conceptual minimalist Halcyon smartphone which has a design that is both contemporary, and one that minimizes the bells and whistles that most smartphones these days have.

Smartphone apps are becoming increasingly personalized as people seek out playful and interactive ways to connect with one another. Examples include the TBH app which encourages users to say anonymous "honest" things about their phone contacts, and the the Giphy Says selfie GIF-creating app.