Snapchat Shared Its Plans to Make Augmented Gadgets & Wearables

 - May 7, 2017
References: & mashable
Snapchat's augmented reality 'Spectacles' and other augmented devices, including wearable technology, will soon be available thanks to designs recently released by the popular social media platform. Augmented reality is the overlay of digital information onto the viable world, which became popularized last summer through apps like Pokemon GO.The social media platform aims to further extend into the world of augmented reality following disappointment after their November release of 'spectacles,' which lacked an immersive virtual reality component. Snapchat recently released an updated patent for their 'spectacles,' along with other wearable augmented reality devices.

According to CEO Evan Spiegel, 70% of engineers are working on new products which he believes will permanently alter the face of digital communications. Snapchat already plays with augmented in some of their filters, however the brand intends to make the switch from playful filters, to full fledged altered worlds with the release of their now highly anticipated patent for their updated augmented reality spectacles.

The glasses would contain two controls at the top of the lens: one which can sense the world around you, and the other which could display an augmented reality, plunging the viewer into an immersive, surreal world.