- Feb 8, 2018
Because the movement for equality and acceptance has proven to be a driving force for today's society, brands and establishments are focusing on producing empowering products for their consumers. This is a movement that has been applied across all industries—from fashion and cosmetics to office culture and mobile platforms.

Some initiatives are self-started and history-focused like the artist-backed female warrior jewelry and the needlework activist statements. Others incorporate pop culture and celebrity-centered approaches like Revlon's Gal Gadot campaign or the Acne Studios and Juliette Lewis' collaboration.

All in all, the essence of the female-empowering products seems to be contained in the recurring image of the superhero, the warrior and the ordinary woman. The exciting part is that a strong message is being communicated to impressionable youth through female astronaut toys, professional wrestler dolls and female-centered fairy tale volumes.

From Female Warrior-Inspired Jewelry to Empowering Astronaut Dolls: