Dove and Mindshare Joined to Redefine Beauty Standards

 - Apr 22, 2017
References: vimeo & adweek
It's no secret that women are often objectified in the media, and that the effects of it can be incredibly damaging -- so in order to take a stand against this form of sexism, Dove teamed up with Mindshare to "hack" the web.

As search results for things like "beautiful women" often pull up a series of photoshopped models in lingerie and swimsuits, women often develop skewed ideas of what's realistic within society.

As the vast majority of women can't even identify with these representations, Dove and Mindshare decided to alter the algorithms so that certain search results like "beautiful women" and "real women" would be much more realistic.

Photographers from all over the world joined the cause so that there'd be even more stock images for people to look through. In addition, advertisers and agencies were reached out to, and asked to use the realistic images rather than the detrimental ones.