L’Occitane's Solidarity Balm Supports Female Entrepreneurship

In honor of this year's international Women's Day, Cosmetic company L’Occitane introduced The Solidarity Balm -- a violet-scented, Shea butter-based salve that's promoting female entrepreneurship across the globe.

Both moisturizing and naturally protective, Shea Butter has been used globally as a must-have hair and skin staple. For the past 30 years, L’Occitane, has worked in partnership with 17,000 women in West Africa's Burkino Faso, to harvest and attain fair trade Shea butter. In light of this, the French beauty brand has launched several initiates to support the women of Burkino Faso -- with the vibrantly-packaged Solidarity Balm, being the most recent iteration. 100% of the limited-edition balm's proceeds are donated to support female leadership in Burkino Faso, with a series of projects and initiates designed to encourage and aid women entrepreneurs who reside where the brand sources its Shea Butter.