From Gender Neutral Clothing Lines to Mental Health Apps

 - Jan 28, 2018
These top 100 social good innovations illustrate that a business can thrive while supporting a cause or raising awareness.

As this list suggests, diversity and inclusivity played a huge factor in this year's top initiatives, as existing businesses re-branded to cater to a more open-minded consumer, while new businesses launched to fill these gaps in the market. Examples of this include the gender neutral clothing lines, which reject the traditional gender binary in order to appeal to a wider grouping of people. This practice has also expanded into the cosmetics world, as companies like Panacea are introducing skin care products that appeal to people as opposed to genders.

Socially good businesses or ideas come in many forms, which is apparent when considering the large amount of affordable housing initiatives that have surfaced this year. For example, take 'The Six,' a project that offers a comfortable and safe place for war veterans to call home. Using technological connectivity as a means of supporting one another has also played a role this year, as apps like Bravo Tango have surfaced, helping individuals cope with PTSD through their Google Home devices.