This Vibrating Speaker is for People With and Without Hearing Impairments

'Ampathy' are a set of vibrating speakers that are inclusive of people who have audio impairments. The speakers omit both sound and vibrations simultaneously, allowing the hearing impaired to engage in cultural practices that typically require sound, like watching a movie or listening to music.

Ampathy is a compound word for amplifier and empathy, serving as a unique device that uses music and sound to include people with hearing impairments instead of alienating them. The speakers "substitute sound into solid vibration," amplifying the user's experience and creating a device that's inclusive of all. The device is both soft and portable, offering the user the ability to sit it on their lamp, or hold it against their chest without being limited to spaces with plugs.

These vibrating speakers are closing a communicative gap between people with and without hearing impairments that's often left unexplored.