From Inclusive Doll Collections to Upcycled Clothing and Accessories

 - Dec 25, 2017
Gifts for the activist this holiday season, or gifts that activists can feel good about purchasing for others, can include everything from inclusive beauty or doll collections, to upcycled clothing and accessories that are easy on the environment.

Representation matters, especially to impressionable young children, and brands are finally acknowledging that fact by offering more inclusive dolls that show that people have different capabilities, and look different from one another. Examples of these more inclusive toys include the Lammily Doll wheelchair, the inclusive Journey Girls collection, and the Barbie's Fashionistas collection which has dolls with varying skin tones and body types.

Those interested in eco-friendly gifts will likely take interest in the increasing number of upcycled products available on the market, with options ranging from w.r.yuma's zero-waste upcycled glasses, to adidas and Aquafi's ocean plastic-made swimwear.