'Tedy' is a Connected Bracelet That Helps Children with Autism

 - Sep 19, 2017
References: alexishuet.fr & behance.net
'Tedy' is a connected bracelet that aims to decrease the prevalence of panic attacks and anxiety disorders experienced by children with autism.

Children with autism can struggle with expressing their feelings, which often leads to extreme stress and anxiety episodes, which can be difficult for both the child and parents to navigate. To help alleviate the presence of panic attacks, Tedy offers interactive coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques that can help a child calm down when the first signs of stress arise.

The connected bracelet monitors a child's cardiac activity, so if it senses a spike in anxious emotions, the wearable sends a notification to the parents, who can then offer immediate support. To further the experience, the device is hooked to a soft teddy bear, which releases a relaxing nursery song upon recognizing the beginning stages of a panic attack.