From Bed-Shaking Alarm Clocks to Holistic Housekeeping Bots

 - Sep 29, 2017
As the September 2017 gadget trends reveal, consumers are increasingly turning to new technology to shave precious minutes off of their daily routines.

One way in which consumers are using gadgets to save time is by automating mundane tasks. For instance, the IoT Gardens Autonomous Cultivation Controller is a sprinkler system that uses automation to keep lawns and gardens hydrated. Similarly, the Smarter Fridgecam monitors expiration dates in the fridge in order to keep consumers on top of their grocery supplies.

The September 2017 gadget trends reveal that consumers are also looking to save time by using technology to answer their most pressing questions quickly and efficiently. This is where products such as the O-JIA Alexa Speaker, which is integrated with Amazon Alexa, come in.