The Happybrush Appeals to Users Unconvinced by Clinical Marketing

 - Aug 7, 2017
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Consumers have all heard the dentist-recommended spiel surrounding oral hygiene products, and unconventionally, the Happybrush is marketed quite differently. It isn't that this electric toothbrush wouldn't be praised by dental professionals, but rather that users are likely now immune to clinical claims as a form of advertising.

Based out of Germany, the creators of this sonic toothbrush went developed a smooth and minimalist design that's simple, user-friendly and efficient, earning them a Red Dot Design Award. As a complement to this no-frills tooth-cleaning device, playful graphics and a lighthearted social campaign were launched to spread the word, with an Instagram presence receiving special attention. The Happybrush is personified on teal backdrops with sketched sunglasses and outfits that present this product as a true companion to consumers.