From Low-Power Air Conditioners to Personal Trainer Wearables

 - Jul 30, 2017
From low-power air conditioners to personal trainer wearables, the July 2017 gadget trends reveal that consumers are looking for innovative products that will make their lives more fun and more comfortable during the summer months.

For those who tend to seek refuge from blistering summer heat by staying indoors, air conditioning units are one of the best buys. One of the most innovative air conditioners on the market right now is the Quilo compact fan, which uses less energy to cool a greater amount of space than other devices.

However, not all the July 2017 gadget trends are meant for indoor use. Indeed, there are a number of products that consumers are using to ensure that they are taking full advantage of the outdoors during the summer months. Such products include the Trace Action Sports Tracker, the Ahead helmet communication device and the KT Health fitness band.