The 'Circadia' Light Tracks Sleep and Improves Productivity

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: kickstarter & gadgetsin
It's never easy to know if you're getting the optimal amount of rest in order to ensure you're as ready for your day as possible, so the 'Circadia' lamps work to provide users with a way to track their sleep and even wake up less groggily.

The lamp works by being placed in your bedroom and will instantly go to work detecting the sleep cycle you're in, how you're breathing, your heart rate and much more. Users can set the lamp to wake them up at a certain time and it will work to wake you up at the optimal time to ensure that you aren't rudely bumped out of a deep sleep cycle.

The 'Circadia' lamp also provides light therapy that can be used to limit the effects of jet lag or help you wake up more fully in the morning.