'ShedRain' Extends and Packs Itself with the Push of a Button

 - May 29, 2017
References: shedrain & mashable
The days of wrestling to shorten your umbrella have come to an end with the introduction of ShedRain, an electronic umbrella that extends and packs itself away with the touch of a button.

The electronic umbrella is lightweight, foldable and sticks to a simple design structure. By pushing a button on the handle, the umbrella extends, protecting users from the rain. The umbrella will shorten and pack itself away when the button is pushed a second time.

Between cut fingers, bent wires and broken handles, umbrellas are constantly proving to be almost as much pain as their worth. Although the age-old design is in desperate need of a makeover, umbrella manufacturers have found that consumers are more likely to purchase a cheap, throw-away umbrella than they are to invest in a high-quality one. Providing both an effective design and cost efficiency, the ShedRain is the ideal, affordable solution to the traditional stubborn object.