From Sleek Multi-Functional Backpacks to Anti-Theft Everyday Bags

 - Feb 16, 2018
Good commuter backpacks are designed to meet the demanding environment and the various needs of the city dweller. Companies and independent developers have imagined, taken feedback into consideration and re-imagined the perfect everyday carry-ons for all occasions such as the gym or a business meeting.

From alarm-protection features and waterproof fabrics to energy-harvesting mechanisms and temperature regulating capabilities, these fashion-forward and compact commuter backpacks will definitely do the job and give the consumer peace of mind and superior comfort. Not sacrificing style, the Dayfahrer for example is a versetile and practical solution for those who are required to play multiple roles during the day-- from the gym to work to a casual meet up with friends. The commuter backpacks by David Hundertmark boast multiple and function-specific padded compartments within a durable and fashion-forward shell.