Pauline Van Dongen's Backpack Charges Smart Devices on the Go

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: dezeen
Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen has been exploring the possibilities of creating clothing with solar technology since 2013 and the 'Radius' energy-harvesting backpack is the latest development in the high-tech project. In conjunction with Eva de Laat, the two women crafted a three-dimensional object by using a singular double-layered jersey textile.

The Radius was created with a single piece of knitted fabric and a specific technique that allows for the incorporation of a beaded structure, consisting of small spheres — the solar cells. The energy-harvesting backpack can charge the adventure-seeker's smart devices on the go as the sun's rays are collected from the straps and fed into a easily accessible charger cable. The beautiful royal blue color and the lightweight properties of the Radius make it an aesthetically-pleasing and extremely functional piece.