- Feb 24, 2018
By the standards of the February 2018 gadget trends, Inspector Gadget's oft-malfunctioning tech is laughable — and not in the way that the cartoon series intended it to be. Technology has come so far since the Inspector Gadget series' run in the mid-eighties (and even its subsequent syndication through until the mid-nineties), with modern gadgets whose capabilities vastly outmatch the extending arms and helicopter hat of the bumbling protagonist.

One of the most talked about gadgets of late has been the flame thrower on offer from The Boring Company, Elon Musks's futuristic underground transit venture. After tweeting that he would sell a flame thrower to the general public if Boring Company's swag sold out online, Musk held up his end of the deal; the pyromaniacal gadgets have been on sale for $500, provided consumers can discover the ever-changing password to get behind the site's ironic firewall.

From High-Tech Flame Throwers to Musical Smart Rings: