The 90Fun Puppy 1 is Inspired by the Segway

 - Jan 5, 2018
References: newswire & digitaltrends
Navigating through the airport with a suitcase is a hassle to say the least, so the 90Fun Puppy 1 gets rid of that chore entirely. The tech-laden travel accessory uses a driving system inspired by Segways to balance on its own, and it automatically follows its owner around (like a puppy) thanks to an advanced positioning system.

Though the 90Fun Puppy 1 does come with a handle for manual pulling, its auto-follow is far more likely to get use from consumers. The smart luggage system has only two wheels, but like a Segway it leans forward in order to keep its balance, whether moving or at a standstill. In fact, Segway and 90Fun are strategic partners.

On top of auto-follow, the suitcase can be summoned by its owner through a remote control command.