- Feb 18, 2019
The 2019 world trends highlight a variety of different immersive experience that are offered all over the globe. Some important elements covered include social good and health consciousness. These trends cover multiple areas, showcasing experiences that initiate travel, or those that just elevate one's daily lifestyle.

'Slow Cabins' are a great example of this year's world trends. It is a vacation renting company that reveals the destination once the trip is booked. This experience eliminates the stress that comes with worrying about location and encourages relaxing experiences. Every cozy cabin is located in the countryside of Belgium and initiates visitors to detach from a busy minded schedule for a brief moment and connect with nature. Basalt Architects created a beautiful lagoon retreat that is described to be an "epicenter for health and well-being." It boasts a plethora of pools that feature minerals including sulfur and silica to evoke a sense of relaxation and healing.

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From Secret Cabin Retreats to Health-Focused Lagoon Retreats: