The Stedsans Hotel Offers 15 Inspiring Retreats in the Heart of a Forest

 - Jul 24, 2018
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Danish architect Asger Risborg Jakobsen created the Stedsans Hotel in collaboration with writer Metter Hellbaek and her husband chef Flemming Hansen on a plot of untouched Swedish forest-filled land.

The concept for the retreat offers minimalist living styles and extreme closeness to nature and other travelers for a down-to-earth vacation. Each cabin is made from sustainable materials with large windows to fully immerse each guest directly into nature. All meals are shared with everyone on the property and made with ingredients that were all locally sourced just miles from where they are served. The hotel features 15 wooden cabins, multiple Bedouin tents, a greenhouse restaurant and a floating sauna for a relaxing and unique experience.

Created to inspire all guests to get outside for stargazing, hiking and enjoying the countryside, the new Stedsans Hotel is a heartwarming space for rest and relaxation.