- May 21, 2019
These portable housing innovations range from modular micro apartments to remixed Nordic cabins which take a traditional dwelling design to new heights with modern elements.

Standouts in the prefabricated housing realm include the 'NO.MADE' cabin by Italian architect Michele Perlini. The project was recently unveiled during Milan Design Week 2019 and marries an economical and budget-conscious design with contemporary elegance.

Other portable housing innovations to note include a school bus home conversion project by Wind River Tiny Homes along with The Magenta, a tiny mobile home with chic built-in furniture. While the school bus home -- built for Elizabeth J.W. Spencer, her husband Greg and their baby -- is designed to mimic an urban apartment on wheels, The Magenta boast a vibrant facade and an Instagram-friendly interior consisting of a twin bed, built-ins and a table and chair combo.

From Remixed Nordic Cabins to Modular Micro Apartment Spaces: