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Taking inspiration from a wide array of different areas like pop culture, architecture and even personal influences, modern design continues to evolve with new and unexpected aesthetic features. Spanning across different market areas like product packaging, interior design and outdoor aesthetics, Trend Hunter’s design category will highlight how contemporary visuals are constantly evolving.
Mountainous Vase Decor
Mountainous Vase Decor
Pulpo's Mountain Series is Inspired by Hill Landscapes
Pulpo’s Mountain Series vase collection draws inspiration from natural landscapes and mimics hill clusters. Each vase consists of two to three hill shapes and doubles as a flower holder and... MORE
Raw Warehouse-Inspired Artist Spaces
Raw Warehouse-Inspired Artist Spaces
Graux & Baeyens Curates the Studio of Stief Desmet
Renowned painter and sculptor Stief Desmet was in need of a sizable artist space to accommodate his needs and his larger works. He commissioned Belgian studio Graux & Baeyens Architecten for the... MORE
Adaptable Mattress Brand Pillows
Adaptable Mattress Brand Pillows
The Casper Down Pillow Offers Responsive Support
The Casper Down Pillow is the mattress brand’s newest product offering and boasts a luxurious, comfortable and functional design. The pillow is crafted with adaptability in mind, featuring a... MORE
Whimsical Donut Shops
Whimsical Donut Shops
The New Pinkbox Doughnuts Location Boasts a Playful, Immersive Design
The design of the newest Pinkbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas was created to make guests “feel like they are in a box filled with our colorful doughnuts.” The immersive donut shop is wrapped... MORE
Ghost-Inspired Concrete Homes
Ghost-Inspired Concrete Homes
BPN Architects Builds a Highly Contemporary and Symmetrical House
The latest project that is realized by BPN Architects is a stunningly symmetrical house that is located in Moreton Paddox — a village in Warwickshire, UK. Aside from capturing attention by its... MORE
Self-Contained Private Workspaces
Self-Contained Private Workspaces
SilentLab Boasts Ways to Enhance Privacy in the Work Environment
As the traditional office environment is undergoing a revolution in organization, the private workspace is at risk to become obsolete. However, there are occasions where a little peace and quiet can... MORE
Insect Powder Chocolates
Insect Powder Chocolates
Protein-Rich 'Future Chocolate' Contains 10% Edible Insect Powder
With the climate crisis in mind, designers are transforming the way a number of familiar products are formulated for a more sustainable approach—including Future Chocolate by Jisun Kim. Future... MORE
Beach-Inspired Hotel Interiors
Beach-Inspired Hotel Interiors
This Hotel in Montauk is Renovated by Studio Tack and Bridgeton
Marram is a hotel in Montauk, New York that was recently updated to mirror the aesthetic of its location better. The hospitality institution has a total of 96 rooms, as well as a cafe and a... MORE
Industrialized Travel
Ultralight aluminum luggage offers durable, stylish travel options
Implications - As consumers look to invest in reliable travel gear that will last a lifetime, many are opting for stylish aluminum luggage based on its incomparable balance of durability and lightness. This shift highlights a facet of consumer culture that sees individuals willing to invest in more expensive products built to last instead of compromising on affordable alternatives to serve them in the short-term.
Workshop Question — How can you elevate a product by incorporating industrial-strength materials that also emphasize style?
Naturally Dyed Eucalyptus Sheets
Naturally Dyed Eucalyptus Sheets
Buffy's Eco Sheets are Colored with Plants, Fruits & Spices
Buffy’s direct-to-consumer eucalyptus sheets, pillowcases and comforters are made with an alternative to cotton that’s not only allergy-safe and gentler on the skin but also has a higher... MORE
Relaxing Festival Saunas
Relaxing Festival Saunas
JKMM Architects Boasts Steam of Life Pavilion During Burning Man
This year’s Burning Man featured a festival sauna that was built in collaboration between JKMM Architects — a Helsinki-based design firm, and Finish creative collective Sauna on Fire. The... MORE
Smart Solar Tables
Smart Solar Tables
ArtesMoble's Solar Table Generates Clean Electric Energy to Charge Devices
At the Habit Valencia International Furniture and Lighting Fair, ArtesMoble debuted a first-of-its-kind smart solar table that is capable of generating clean electric energy via photovoltaic... MORE
Cookie-Themed Christmas Ornaments
Cookie-Themed Christmas Ornaments
Anthropologie Has a New Line of Foodie-Themed Christmas Bubbles
One of the best parts of Christmas is the food and Anthropologie is celebrating that with a new line of cookie-themed Christmas ornaments. While it may only be September it’s never to early to... MORE
Auto-Compatible Digital Design Services
Auto-Compatible Digital Design Services
Aston Martin Dabbles with Architecture to Enhance Its Cars
A new digital design service is launched by luxury automaker Aston Martin. Dubbed ‘Automotive Galleries and Lairs,’ the activation dabbles in the field of architecture to help consumers... MORE
Freshness-Concerned Refrigerator Tech
Freshness-Concerned Refrigerator Tech
Grundig's High-Tech Refrigerator Range is Mindful of Food
Grundig has debuted a range of high-tech refrigerators that harness the power of cutting-edge technology to introduce a more mindful relationship with food, as well as increase the retention of... MORE
Voice Assistant-Optimized TVs
Voice Assistant-Optimized TVs
The Grundig Fire TV Edition is Compatible with Amazon Alexa
The Grundig Fire TV Edition brings hands-free technology to the smart home. Boasting increased ease of operation, the innovation is compatible with streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video,... MORE
AI Artist Communities
AI Artist Communities Launches World's Largest Community of Artists
A worldwide group of artists are now using Artificial Intelligence to push the boundaries of human creativity. From a robot partner that draws alongside its creator after learning the nuances of... MORE
play_circle_filled Highly Efficient Washing Machines
Highly Efficient Washing Machines
Arçelik's AquaTech Creates a Cycle That is Gentler and Faster
An effective and efficient washing machine can go a long way in the digital age — a period during which humans find that they don’t have enough time in the day to do the things that they love.... MORE
Retro Breakfast Kitchen Appliances
Retro Breakfast Kitchen Appliances
Beko's Cosmopolis Range Merges Style, Function & Chic Nostalgia
As nostalgia has proven to be a driving force for consumer purchasing decisions, Beko embraces it with its affordable and functional Cosmopolis collection — a range of breakfast kitchen appliances... MORE
Flexible Non-Traditional Workstations
Flexible Non-Traditional Workstations
Reddie's NCW Workstation is Simple & Customizable
Reddie’s Non-Corporate Workstation (NCW) Workstation is a flexible furniture design that allows for plenty of customizations and adjustments to be made to suit the ever-changing needs of the... MORE
Earthquake-Proof Architecture Materials
Earthquake-Proof Architecture Materials
Kengo Kuma Seeks Functional Materials for the Future
The presence of renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma at the London Design Festival extends to durable architecture materials. He boasts an installation in the V & A’s John Madejski Garden.... MORE
Contemporary Pet-Friendly Office Spaces
Contemporary Pet-Friendly Office Spaces
NBBJ Facilitates a Homey Experience for Humans and Canines
The pet-friendly office spaces just got perfected and brought into modernity through this project by Seattle-based design firm NBBJ. Occupying two floors, the workplace is located in Ohio and the... MORE
Cow Intestine Lighting
Cow Intestine Lighting
Kathrine Barbro Bendixen's Natural Lights Use an Unconventional Material
Kathrine Barbro Bendixen is a Danish designer that pushes all boundaries with these natural lights. The translucent tubes “twist around an LED [...] fixture” and the material that they... MORE
Ultra-Durable Reversible Furniture Collections
Ultra-Durable Reversible Furniture Collections
smarin's Play YET ! Fuses Aesthetic & Functionality
A polyvalent and reversible furniture collection is launched by French design studio smarin. In terms of composition, the pieces rely on minimalism. Made out of solid wooden shapes, the company... MORE
Massive Indoor Bicycle Parks
Massive Indoor Bicycle Parks
Ector Hoogstad Architecten Boats a Sizable Park in the Netherlands
Ector Hoogstad Architecten has completed the “world’s largest bicycle park.” The development is located below the Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands and it is sure to... MORE