Greenpeace Canada Calls Attention to the Implication of Plastic Use

 - Jul 27, 2018
References: rethinkcanada & designtaxi
In a haunting ecological campaign, Greenpeace Canada showcases the ramifications of the mindless use of resources and the accompanying threat to unstable ecosystems. For the print initiative, the organization collaborates with creative agency Rethink.

The ecological campaign boasts three heartbreaking images that "juxtapose the destructive force of single-use plastic straws against the fragility of life." The Greenpeace Canada x Rethink project definitely gets some traction since the drive toward a mindful business and sustainable use of resources is bigger today than it has been ever. As fast food giants like McDonald's and KFC, as well as global coffee chains like Starbucks are beginning to abolish plastic straws from their establishments, the ecological campaign adds a strong visual dimension. This will prompt consumers, as well as business owners, to be more aware of their environmental impact.