From Design-Forward Low-Income Housing to Feminist Fashion

 - Feb 18, 2019
This list of 2019 social good ideas mark some of the ways that brands are leveraging positivity to enact change. There was no shortage of campaigns to support topical movements like #MeToo, and this year saw an influx in products, services and ads that fought for female empowerment. A notable example includes Michele Pred's designs, which many women sported at the 2018 Oscars. The pieces boasted phrases like "Equal Pay" "My Body my Business" and more.

Aside from the fashion world, other industries are tapping into politically charged movements to support low-income people. This includes an innovative homeless housing plan that was developed by Madworkshop & USC School of Architecture. The design features modular units that can be built horizontally to address most city's spacial limitations. Meanwhile, Schmidt Hammer Lassen designed a new earth quake-resistant library to replace the facility that was damaged during a recent environmental disaster.

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