Naama Agassi's Hairy Jewelry Seeks to Promote Female Empowerment

 - Mar 8, 2018
References: naamaagassi
Designer Naama Agassi seeks to promote female empowerment through taking charge of one's own body in the best possible way. Her exceptionally unique 'Hairy Jewelry' series does not include the conventional casual tiara, clip or hair accessory. It is actually a collection of fringed jewelry that is designed to be worn in areas of the body that are traditionally considered unattractive for females. Naama Agassi seeks to produce a "renewed aesthetic appreciation" for the "cultural conception of female body hair" with sculptural pieces that include hairiness in the eyebrow, navel, ear and armpit regions.

To promote female empowerment means to rewrite unrealistic and unfair social constructs by motivating women to be who they are and express themselves through ways they feel comfortable with.

Photo Credits: Dafna Talmon