- Dec 16, 2018
These 2018 jewelry gift ideas are beautifully designed, whether they are uxurious, grunge, artistic, or functional. They broaden out over a wide spectrum to suit a plethora of different tastes.

For those who appreciate a more luxurious touch, the ProdigIO designed by Weableitalia fits the category. It is a collection of smart luxury bracelets that monitor one's wellbeing, and track calories and sleep -- giving them a functional sensibility. Differentiating from many smart accessories, these bracelets do not have screens and are complete with a simplistic premium design.

To suit those who prefer an edgier approach to jewelry, designer Luke Viscious' chain collection is perfect. It boasts a dystopic aesthetic that informs chokers, pendants, and earrings.

From High-Fashion Connected Jewelry to Unapologetic Chain Accessories: