The 'Smart Jewelry Bracelet' Can Detect and Report Signs of Assault

 - Apr 16, 2018
References: & insurancejournal
A group of engineers and researchers working out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham have managed to invent a high-tech piece of smart jewelry, simply dubbed the Smart Jewelry Bracelet, that is designed to do a whole lot more than make its wearers look fashionable, due to its functionality of being able to detect and report assaults.

This high-tech bracelet is fitted with a number of sensors that collect users' vital signs in order to determine their physical position and orientation, whilst being able to detect movements that could be deemed as being forced or unusual. Upon noticing unusual movements, the Smart Jewelry Bracelet emits a loud alarm and flashing lights.

While not yet available for sale, the Smart Jewelry Bracelet costs only $40 to create, making it an excellent option for mass-market production.