- Jan 13, 2019
These 2018 sports trends deliver a wide range of elements that make the athletic experience more efficient and seamless. There is also a focus on functionality, convenience, and sustainability when it comes to the products and services that surround the purpose.

The 'W&P Design Water Bottle Roller' is a prime example of something that blends both form and function together from an athletic angle. Muscle rollers are an essential part of workouts, to soothe out any muscle knots and decrease soreness. The water bottle design is multi-functional, created from a high-density foam on the exterior -- it can also be removed for efficiency. Another great sports-centric concept is the 'xChain' total body workout device. It is compact for portability and can take on new shapes to serve new workout purposes.

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From Muscle-Massaging Water Bottles to Total-Body Workout Devices: