HoverGlide is a First of Its Kind with Its Suspended Load Technology

 - Sep 24, 2018
References: lightningpacks & kickstarter
Lightning Packs — a company based in Strafford, Pennsylvania, launched a Kickstarted campaign for its revolutionary floating backpack. Highly innovative and comfort-oriented, the product is unique and scientifically proven to reduce the strenuous forces of walking or running by up to 86%.

The floating backpack utilizes a patented Suspended Load Technology which is marketed to be the perfect solution for people looking to reduce the stress and weight load on their backs, necks, knees, and ankles."

The HoverGlide is especially helpful when hiking, trekking or biking. Lightning Packs makes its revolutionary product available in two frame sizes — 20'' and 24''. While the later is ideal for backcountry adventures with the accommodation of a 55L pack, the former is a little bit more modular as it can accept three interchangeable sizes ranging from 28L to 30L.