- Feb 18, 2019
These 2019 lifestyle trends celebrate daily activities in a plethora of different and innovative ways. The expansive range of concepts covers multiple industries. This features inclusive ads, functional gadgets, adventurous gear, health-centric products, and much more.

The 'Hydrapak Stash' water bottle is a great example of a daily lifestyle item that makes matters more convenient. The bottle is designed with durable elements and pays attention to portability. It is extremely lightweight and can be collapsed to only a quarter of its size to fit into smaller bags. Another great example is the 'Lightr' charger -- it is a portable gadget that can universally charge any device. Notably, it highlights environmentally friendly concepts and convenience. There are three connectors on the small device, including a micro USB port, a USB-C, and Apple's lighting.

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From Collapsible Bottles to Tiny Portable Universal Chargers: