This Flexible Bath Solves Three Major Problems Associated with Bathtubs

 - Sep 4, 2018
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When you think of a bathtub, you probably think of a fixed-size feature of a washroom that assumes a significant footprint, yet this is not the case with this flexible bath called Panacea. Designed by Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi of Iran, this pliable plumbing feature can shape-shift according to specific needs, and solves a few common and significant problems to boot.

Firstly, this flexible bathtub can be positioned anywhere within a space –– whether it's in the middle of the room or against one or a pair of adjacent walls –– making it able to accommodate vastly different rooms of a range of sizes. Sturdy rubber bands that form the gunwales of the soaker can be manipulated to reduce the opening of the tub, as well as the capacity. This malleable feature of the flexible tub can maximize the use of a reduced volume of water, as well as support young children in the tub, when drowning is such a common risk.