- Jan 13, 2019
The home is the most important space in one's life, and this list of 2019 home ideas offers inspiration and ideas for those looking to enhance or personalize their abode.

More people opt to decorate their space with house plants, and this list features new technologies that help one optimize their ability to keep the greenery alive and thriving. This includes OrchidBox, the world's first Internet-connected smart garden, a lamp that sustains plant life called the 'Gople' and a self-watering indoor greenhouse that's perfect for seasoned or hobbyist green thumbs.

Those with pets in the home will find plenty of design-friendly pet structures made with the modern home owner in mind. This includes Severus Lian & Hao-Wen Chang's Peek a Boo collection, which offers comfortable solutions for pets that doesn't compromise the design aesthetic of one's home.

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From Minimalist Furniture Lines to Plant-Sustaining Lamps: