This Portable Mini Fan is Compact and Adjustable for Convenient Cooling

 - Sep 3, 2018
References: & yankodesign
We think of cooling mechanisms as big bulky devices, but consider this concept design for a portable mini fan. Short of having an air conditioning unit and the space for a desk top oscillating fan, a person could have access to his or her own localized breeze with a gadget that could pack flat and be set up just about anywhere.

Tim Chen's Mi Mini Fan embraces a minimalist design, with the caged fan bordered by a white squared frame. A clever divide between the two halves of the square reveals a folding capability, enabling the portable mini fan to take a tented shape and be freestanding on any surface, from a table or a desk, to a windowsill. The fan also conceals a cord that enables it to be hung easily from a hook or a peg. This portable fan exemplifies the notion of reducing and simplifying a commonly larger product, in favor of offering convenience and efficiency.