From Hand-Sculpted Marble Skulls to Ultra-Minimal Designer Desks

 - Oct 28, 2018
The October 2018 modern trend line-up highlights contemporary examples from the art world, as well as instances of ultra-minimalist and color-pop arrangements in interior design.

Jun Cha's hand-sculpted marble skulls, for example, are a modern crossover between art and home decor. The objects are made in extremely limited qualities and retail for $7,000 USD which definitely adds an exceptionally luxurious component to one's house.

Henning Stummel, on the other hand, is a London-based architect who puts emphasis on sustainability through his flat-pack furniture collection. The offerings present an eco-friendly option for consumers through a design that is modern and minimalist.

Finally, the October 2018 modern trend list highlights Guy van Leemput's beautiful and design-forward balloon-molded bowls which are a product that fuses artistic sensibility with homey functionality.