The Dornbracht 'Aquamoon' Shower was Designed by Michael Neumayr

 - Sep 13, 2018
References: neumayrdesign & homecrux
The Dornbracht 'Aquamoon' shower system has been designed by the Austria-based designer Michael Neumayr for the Germany-based bathroom brand that will provide a multisensory experience for consumers.

The shower head is capable of providing a number of different water effects that all fall elegantly from the illuminated unit to make the act of everyday bathing far more luxurious. The various waterfall effects are intended to help the bather enjoy a variety of different massages or as a method for quickly washing their hair and skin if they're getting ready to quickly leave the house.

The Dornbracht 'Aquamoon' shower system is positioned for a 2019 launch and addresses the need for everyday luxury products as consumers seek to elevate their daily routine.

Image Credit: Michael Neumayr Design/Dornbracht