From Potato Peel Packaging to Tubular Electric Bicycle Designs

 - Oct 27, 2018
The October 2018 eco concepts explore new and innovative ways of creating a much more sustainable ecological space. In order to incorporate these concepts into the daily lifestyles of consumers, eco-friendly ideas are infused into transportation systems, products, and even services this month.

An example of this is a potato food packaging idea designed by Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile, and Pietro Gaeli. It is a biodegradable packaging that holds potato goods and is crafted from dehydrated potatoes as well. After disposal, it can function as a fertilizer to aid the recycling process instead of harming it, which can drastically change the way that food is wasted. SOL Motors and Manuel Messmer's Pocket Rocket also contributes to eco-friendly progressions as its electronic bike is designed to perfectly blend into an urban setting.