The SolarImpact Yacht is Sophisticated and Efficient

 - Sep 26, 2018
References: tuvie
The SolarImpact Yacht is a newly designed luxury aquatic vessel that is positioned as being a front-runner when it comes to opulence and efficiency. Integrated with a series of solar cells on the top portion, the yacht is capable of operating without the need for any fossil fuels and will glide quietly across the water with optimal efficacy and grace. The open-air design of the living spaces allow passengers to spend extended periods enjoying unparalleled views of the water and surrounding terrain, even after they have headed in for the night to sleep.

The SolarImpact Yacht acknowledges the increasing popularity of ultra-luxurious vessels for the affluent that are being designed with electrified propulsion systems. This helps to strike a balance between opulence and eco-friendliness.