From Rose Copper Light Pendants to Vibrant Art Deco Bags

 - Oct 27, 2018
The October 2018 Art & Design trend list offers an eclectic presentation of how different industries are pushing innovation forward in all sectors, both practically and conceptually. From products like Glasstic's modular water bottle system that is meant to offer consumers a custom-forward design and a sustainable way to hydrate on-the-go to Overtreders W who created a zero-waste pop-up bran restaurant for catering company The Food Line Up, designers are focusing on eco-friendly approaches that add a touch of personalization.

A more ominous example from the October 2018 Art & Design trends is, of course, 'A. Human.' This is an installation in New York, launched by PR magnate Simon Huck, that openly deals with fantastical physical modifications and body dysmorphia on a level that embraces pop culture.