The Whisky Coin Contains a Drop of the World's Oldest Vintage Whisky

 - Sep 17, 2018
References: lux-coins & thespiritsbusiness
There are tons of collectible coins that have been launched over the years and a new one that stands out is The Whisky Coin, which is more than just a commemorative piece inspired by the spirit. The Whisky Coin is made from two ounces of 99.99% pure gold and includes a glass inset that is infused with a single drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862, which is believed to be the oldest vintage whisky in the world.

As far as the design of the coin, The Whisky Coin created by Lux Coin and Perth Mint depicts the process in which the spirit is made. This unique coin is the first of its kind in a series that will contain rare spirits—others include The Rum Coin and The Cognac Coin, both of which are also filled with some of the world's oldest spirits in their respective categories.