- Jan 13, 2019
Thanks to increased ecological concerns and the rise of legal cannabis, the drinks industry has had to innovate rapidly and this list of 2018 drinking trends showcases how exactly the drinks industry is restructuring and refocusing its efforts.

The use of straws dropped dramatically in 2018, with plenty of companies dropping the plastic-based drinking instruments. This also lead to an increase in ecological straw options, including Diageo's new line of flavored edible straws. Released alongside the company's new line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails, these edible straws are featured in three flavors: lime, strawberry, and chocolate. Unlike other eco-friendly straw options, these edible offerings are meant to enhance the overall drinking experience.

Also featured on this list is a cannabis-infused sparkling water produced by Lagunitas Brewing Company. Known as 'Hi-Fi Hops,' this IPA-inspired beverage contains no alcohol but will get drinkers high thanks to the inclusion of actual cannabis. The drink also boasts no calories or carbohydrates and features cannabis from sourced from CannaCraft brand AbsoluteXtracts.

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