Patrón's New Cocktail Fizzers Celebrate National Margarita Day

 - Feb 24, 2018
References: delish
Bath bombs are a popular bathtime accessory and now the phenomenon is spilling over into the drink world with the debut of Cocktail Fizzers. While just as colorful as an ordinary bath bomb, the cocktail version differs in that it is completely edible.

The new Cocktail Fizzers are a blend of cocktail ingredients pressed into the form of a colorful pellet. When dropped into a glass of tequila, the flavor bomb explodes to create one of seven different fruit-flavored cocktails. These cocktails include inventive flavor combinations such as tomato with thyme, and orange marmalade with sherry.

While Cocktail Fizzers may seem like an unusual invention, the fruity pellets are actually the work of Cory Goldstein of Muddling Memories, who teamed up with Patrón on the innovative cocktail bombs for National Margarita Day.

Image Credits: Danielle Tullo.