- May 16, 2018
The consumer desire to discover new flavors and at the same time, indulge in unforgettable drinking experiences has inspired the creation of a number of specialty cocktail products. For example, 1724 Tonic Water markets itself as an ultra-premium tonic water that is best paired with high-end spirits, while Traverse City Whiskey Co. makes Premium Cocktail Cherries that boast a different size and texture than conventional cocktail cherries.

When it comes to layering ingredients to assemble unique drinks, there are unique products like seaweed-based bitters, pickle brine mixers and tonic water syrups that have been developed in the name of experimentation.

Edible glitter flakes, flavor-infused ice cubes, 3D-printed drink garnishes and even aromatic cocktail sprays that create a multi-sensory experience are just some of the specialty cocktail products that are being used to top off creative concoctions.

From Premium Cocktail Cherries to Pickle Brine Cocktail Mixers: