Wintersmith's Ice Cubes are Clearer and Melt Slower Than Most

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: wintersmiths & kickstarter
Cocktail connoisseurs settle for nothing but perfection when it comes to glassware, alcohol and garnishing, yet drinkers are subjected to cloudy, quickly melting ice cubes which dilute their expertly crafted drinks -- Wintersmith's ice cubes serve as a solution to this, offering clear, slow melting ice.

Through the use of a variety of stainless steel shape trays, professional mixologists are invited to craft a diverse range of drink-compatible ice cubes. Each shape tray has been mathematically proportioned to ensure it contains dimensions which promote the slow melting of the ice, leaving the drinker with alcohol that lasts longer, and stays colder. In addition to the benefits of these ice cubes, the featured designs offer a more artistic and creative approach to drink-making, resulting in a more customizable experience.