- Jun 15, 2018
With the ever-expanding industry and the ever-growing demand for outgoing and unique activities, establishments that boast nightlife experiences in the metropolitan cities are consistently kept on their toes. However, the drive to be better and more innovative surely brings about some wonderfully creative ideas for boozy and immersive nights out.

Particularly, bars, pop-ups, cocktail lounges, restaurants and the like rely on the principles of gamification in order to bring in an eager and paying clientele. Nightlife experiences can range from low key hangouts with friends at Snakes & Lattes — a Toronto-based cafe that offers a selection of beers, coffee, snack food items and a vast selection of board games. Other options for nightlife experiences focus on more interactive and engaging activities like sensory-stimulating golf games at Holey Moley in Newtown.

From Entertaining Board Game Cafes to Underground eSports Bars: